Mr.Killjoy is a 28 years old musician living in La Chaux-de-Fonds, in Switzerland. Guitarist-singer in the Power Sixties band Seriously Serious and ex-drummer of the Metal band Silver Dust, Mr.Killjoy is also a music teacher since 2009 and opened his own drumschool in Le Locle to share his passion for his instrument.

Mr.Killjoy starts playing drums on 13th October 2005 on his own after having seen his first Lordi show few months earlier.


In summer 2006, he founds his own Hard Rock band called Monster Sound in which he is the drummer-singer.


In summer 2009, he joins the Shock Rock band Poison Heidi playing the drums.


In 2012, he founds Red Night, the very first Swiss tribute band of Green Day as the guitarist-singer.


In 2013, he creates Powerhate, a studio project in which he plays the bass, the drums and sings. In October of the same year, Mr.Killjoy signs his first endorsment contract with the French brand Velvet Cymbals. In September 2013, the band Poison Heidi stops.

In 2014, he signs a second endorsment contract with the Swiss brand Agner Drumsticks. In March of the same year, he joins the Metal band Silver Dust becoming the new drummer.

In 2015, Mr.Killjoy flies to England in order to record the third album of Monster Sound and, in September of the same year, he signs a new endorsment contract with the American brand Soultone Cymbals.


In March 2016, he is invited to participate in the Swiss broadcast show ''Die grössten Schweizer Talente'' to play a drum solo in front of a jury which gave him four YES. In April of the same year, he records the eleventh album of Bernie Constantin and plays with him at the Rock'Oz Arènes Festival. In May 2016, Mr.Killjoy signs a new endorsment contract with the famous American brand Evans Drumheads. Finally, on the 1st of July, the band Red Night stops with a last show at Les Promos du Locle. In September 2016, the fourth and last record of Monster Sound is released and Mr.Killjoy goes on a European Tour with Silver Dust in supporting act of Lordi for 32 shows in 13 different countries.


In 2017, Mr.Killjoy introduces his new band Seriously Serious in which he plays as a guitarist-singer and, in March of the same year, he signs a new endorsment contract with the Swiss brand Bang! Drums creating a special drumset. In September 2017, he goes, again, on a European tour with the band Silver Dust in supporting act of the band Battle Beast.


In 2018, he releases the second record of Seriously Serious and leaves the band Silver Dust. The same year, he becomes the new promoter of the Corn’Rock Festival.

In March 2019, he creates the first edition of La Bourse à La Musique in Le Locle and plays the drums at the Theater for the drama ''Of mice and men'' in June of the same year. In September, Seriously Serious releases the third record and Mr.Killjoy produces the first record of the band Walldown in December 2019.

In 2020, the second edition of La Bourse à La Musique is on its way and Mr.Killjoy prepares the fourth record of Seriously Serious.