In April 2016, Mr.Killjoy records the eleventh album of Bernie Constantin and plays with him on the stage of Rock'Oz Arènes (CH) 2016.

In October 2014, Mr.Killjoy joins the Parisian band Sugar Sugaar to play a live in Grenoble in France, another in Luxembourg and a last one in Switzerland.

In April 2014, Mr.Killjoy plays the drums for Nick le Juge for a live show in Le Bleu Café in Neuchâtel (CH) and a second one in 2015 in La Case à Chocs in Neuchâtel (CH).

In June 2009 and in August 2010, Mr.Killjoy plays with the blues band Spirit of Soul for two live shows in Yverdon (CH).

In June 2013, Mr.Killjoy plays for the Alternatif Rock band Host for a show in La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH).

Between 2009 and 2012, Mr.Killjoy plays for several chorals in La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH) and Le Locle (CH) such as the Rocking Chair Choral and many others.